Steel Works Division products

Steel Works Division

Special Transmissions and Planetary Gearboxes for Industrial applications

PMP Industries is a leading company in the production of special planetary gearboxes for industrial applications.

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Complete Machines

PMP Industries can count on highly trained technicians and operators to perform an accurate assembly of machines and systems for the steel industry. These machines include shears, pinch rolls, coilers and uncoilers, pinion stands.

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Continuous Casting and Straightening Rolls

PMP Industries can supply cladded rolls for continuous casting segments and HSS rolls for straightening segments of steel plants. Cladded rolls are manufactured via a multilayer welding process that uses stainless steel wires. Manufacturing relies on automatic welding machines and severe controls.

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Metal Fabricated Frames

PMP can supply a wide range of custom made metal fabricated frames, including precision machining of frame parts, finishing and painting. Frames for large material handling and construction equipment, frames for industrial devices or structures are all part of the capabilities of PMP Steel Works Division.

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