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Travel drives for tracked applications


PMC planetary gearboxes combined with electric or hydraulic motors are specifically designed for heavy duty tracked application.


Special solutions in the brake design provide durability also in demanding applications and the use of the latest technologies in gear design and manufacturing extends the gearbox life for rated loads and torques.

PMC planetary drive offer outstanding features in terms of load capacity, toughness, smoothness of operation and cost effectiveness


  • Special profiles in order to optimize gear contact in the widest range of loading and torque conditions
  • Up to three level of seal protection according to the application, including dual cone seal, v-ring, guard ring
  • Wet disc brake patented technology with high pressure seals for very low and very high working temperature

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Product range and technical data

PMC   2.0003.0004.0004.5006.000
Max output torque [Nm] Nm 20.00030.00040.00045.00062.000
Available ratios [I:] I: 67 - 16956 - 12563 - 12055 - 13560 - 162
Max brake torque [Nm] Nm 600300670950630
Weight [Kg] Kg100165180190280
PMC   9.00011.00018.00026.000
Max output torque [Nm] Nm 90.000110.000180.000240.000
Available ratios [I:] I: 65 - 18385 - 173190 - 210210
Max brake torque [Nm] Nm 1.0001.0001.2001.200
Weight [Kg] Kg445505750830

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