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Axial piston hydraulic pumps


PMH high pressure axial piston pumps for closed loop are specifically designed to be used on heavy duty machines for traction and auxiliary functions, providing efficiency and durability.


The global structure of the transmission is designed to handle pressure and loads without deformation: in this way efficiency is also maintained in high pressure working conditions.


  • 500 bar pressure technology, i.e. extremely solid pumps for the toughest applications and conditions
  • Wide range of controllers from manual MS, to electric proportional EP, to controllers like MY, RE specifically designed for special application
  • Premium materials, tight tolerances and precision machining
  • On demand, PHM P pumps feature an additional valve block to include flushing valve, by pass system, dead man valve, cut off valve.

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Product range and technical data

PMH   P35 P55 P72 P90 P110 P180
Displacement cc/rev 35,4 55,0 72,1 89,2 110,0 176,1
Max shaft speed rpm 4.500 4.300 4.1004.000 3.800 2.900
Nominal Pressure bar 400 400400400 400 400
Max pressure bar 500 500500500 500 500
Max Power kW 95 130156180 210 273
Input torque @ 250 bar Nm 223 350 480 570 700 1.121
Weight Kg 39 42 566868148

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