Environmental Dedusting Technology

PMP Environmental Dedusting Division is focused on the manufacturing of water cooled ducts and panels for the cooling of steel plant elements (e.g., electric arc furnaces and electric arc furnace roofs) and industrial fumes. These applications require manufacturing excellence, especially with respect to the quality of the materials and of the welding processes. PMP offers both, thanks to a trained and certified workforce and state of the art equipment.

These features have allowed PMP to operate in this business sector for more than 50 years and deliver water cooled panels and ducts up to 10 tons, made from steel, copper or steel and copper.

PMP Environmental Dedusting Division can count on manufacturing facilities in Italy and Bosnia-Herzegovina, equipped with a wide array of machines: plate and pipe bending machines, shears, CNC pipe bending machines, dedicated welding tools, plasma and oxy cutting machines, sand and shot blasting automatic tunnels, painting rooms. In addition, PMP operates testing equipment with recording system, which can perform 24-hour air tightness testing with full recording and certifications of the results.

The final products are therefore ready-to-mount and tested to deliver the required performances in the demanding working conditions of metal plants.