Steel Works Technology

PMP Steel Works Division manufactures high quality rolls to be used in continuous casting plants. Several years of experience and investments in research and development have allowed PMP to reach excellence in this sector: multilayer welding processes and the use of stainless steel wire create a martensitic steel surface coat on the rolls, which are resistant to corrosion, wear and cracking.

This special process makes the rolls perfectly suited for the application in continuous casting, where extreme temperatures and dust create a challenging environment. Automatic cladding machines deliver consistency and high production rates, ultrasonic, dye penetrant and dimensional testing guarantee customers’ satisfaction.

Heavy metal fabrication is another area of excellence for PMP Steel Works Division. The complete process is managed internally in PMP plants in Italy and Bosnia-Herzegovina, from plasma cutting to precision welding, from annealing and machining of large frames to painting and finishing.

Modern machines and trained workforce are key factors to answer the demand for complex structures and assemblies: PMP can process single frames up to 40 ton in weight and 10 meters in length. PMP Steel Works Division is a partner to steel and recycling plant manufacturers, construction and material handling equipment manufacturers.