Fluid Power Technology

PMH high pressure axial piston pumps and motors are the result of PMP’s 20-year experience with hydraulic transmissions. Knowledge from field experience, intense testing and design activities, continuous improvements are the key elements of a range of products that delivers efficiency and durability throughout its operating life.

Premium materials, tight tolerances and precision machining result in a product that is made to last. The geometry of the components is optimized to reduce wear and provide the most efficient oil flow. Similarly the global structure of the transmission is designed to handle pressure and loads without deformation: this way efficiency is maintained in high pressure working conditions.

PMP’s Fluid Power Division and its partners can count on modern test benches to perform endurance tests by replicating the toughest working conditions for the equipment while constantly monitoring performances and efficiencies.

PMP’s state of the art manufacturing equipment provides consistency and precision in the production and assembly of PMH products. In addition to the first-class quality of the PMH, customers also benefit from competitive lead times and constant availability.